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2014: Top 5 blogs.

These are the posts of mine that got the most views in 2014. Thank you to everyone who read, shared and commented. 1. Ofsted – carrying on regardless May 2014 In which I wrote about the traumatic Ofsted experience of my job … Continue reading

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Michael Gove and the Bitter Pills of Education Reform

I actually began writing this post as soon as I heard the news that Michael Gove was to be replaced as Secretary of State for Education. However, it has taken me rather longer than I expected to get back into … Continue reading

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Gove or Wilshaw: Who should we believe?

In August, I wrote a piece entitled ‘Are Rumours of the Death of NC Levels Exaggerated?’ This was largely in response to a conversation that had taken place between my manager and I on the last day of the summer … Continue reading

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Ofsted: The Medicine That Kills.

Last month, Michael Wilshaw, Chief Inspector of OFSTED had this to say about Children’s Services in Birmingham: “…These characteristics of failure have been encapsulated in one area in particular, England’s second city: Birmingham. What is shocking is that this is … Continue reading

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In Memory of an Outstanding Teacher

Mr Graham, ah, Mr Graham; a rotund, somewhat-less-than-healthy-looking middle-aged man. A great big bear of a man: slightly crumpled shirt, loose tie, a suit that had seen better days and the perpetual aroma of stale cigarette smoke. Mr Graham: a … Continue reading

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Is Michael Gove Lying to Us All?

There is no doubt about it: I have spent long enough ranting about both the internal and external inspection systems in schools.  I think prior readers will by now have realised, maybe even appreciated, my views on the whole disgraceful, … Continue reading

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Michael Gove delivered a speech at The Policy Exchange, London yesterday (5th September), in which he championed both teachers and teaching. For a short while afterwards I felt a nice, warm glow of something approaching relief. I think there are … Continue reading

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What if Prince George turns out “as thick as a plank”? The issue of the ‘bottom 10%’

The future king of Great Britain arrived last week. Catapulted into an aristocratic world of wealth and privilege that most of us can only dream of. In this world, opulent palaces, Michelin-starred chefs, dressers, nannies, nursemaids and serving staff are … Continue reading

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High Expectations of Low-Achieving Kids. Gove & Abbott: The Odd Couple

Gove & Abbott: The Odd Couple Their eyes met across a crowded room. “..I’m in love!” declared the dashing male lead. On the opposite side of the room the lady fluttered her eyelashes and agreed with everything he said. ‘Men … Continue reading

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Performance Related Pay: Be Sure the Behaviour Nut’s Cracked!

There is never a dull moment for teachers these days! No sooner have we adjusted (or not) to the ramifications of Gove’s new knowledge-based curriculum and its bounteous feast of learning opportunities, but now the menacing spectre of the dreaded … Continue reading

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