2014: Top 5 blogs.


These are the posts of mine that got the most views in 2014. Thank you to everyone who read, shared and commented.

1. Ofsted – carrying on regardless May 2014

In which I wrote about the traumatic Ofsted experience of my job share partner.

2. Lesson Observations: They’re just a game, really, aren’t they? February 2014

In which I wrote about my fears about graded lesson observations (again!)

3. School Leaders, Take Note (In light of the updated handbook for Ofsted Inspectors) July 2014

In which I tried to predict some of the effects of the updated inspectors’ handbook.

4. A Plea to OFSTED
March 2014
In which I asked Ofsted to produce a myth-busting document for schools spelling out what they will/will not expect to see during an inspection.

5. Gove or Wilshaw: Who should we believe? January 2014
In which I bemoaned the continued use of NC levels by many schools.

Thank you again to everyone who read my ramblings this year. Blogging is a real pleasure for me and the online support I’ve received has continued to be incredible!
Here’s to a happy, healthy 2015. 🙂

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