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Mark Rogers (Chief Exec of Birmingham City Council) Responds to my Blog ‘Notes on a Scandal’

I’m delighted that Mark Rogers, Chief Executive at Birmingham City Council, has taken the time to comment on my latest blog, ‘Notes on a Scandal’. For those who may not have read it, the blog deals with the (sometimes) systematic … Continue reading

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Notes on a Scandal

*17th February 2020 – I would like to stress that any potentially inflammatory comments which this blog may elicit – or has elicited in the past – are in no way in line with my personal views. Thank you. Should … Continue reading

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School – A place where creativity can flourish

As a mother of two young children, nothing pleases me more than watching my children play. I love to observe the inventiveness of their young minds as they stock pretend shops with shells, stones and leaves or fashion imaginary tools … Continue reading

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OFSTED: Little boxes made of ticky-tacky

There is a song that my Dad used to sing to me, the lyrics of which went something like this, ‘Little boxes on the hillside, little boxes made of ticky-tacky. Little boxes on the hillside and they all look just … Continue reading

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Falling Down

I wrote the following 5 weeks after falling and breaking both of my legs. Apologies if this blog appears a bit self-indulgent, but at the time I wrote it I think found it to be quite cathartic. It’s now 4 … Continue reading

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